Passionate About Design

Design has been one of the central considerations throughout the entire process of creating PURE. We designed the product(s) to be a reflection of the company and our ethos, whilst capturing the eye of consumers. This begun with our minimalist, pure and simple logo – both memorable, and carrying a clear message, telling consumers exactly what we stand for.  

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The PURE brand experience starts from the minute you receive your package. The crisp-white hexagonal gift box, which exudes simplicity and sophistication, captures your eyes in an instant, opening to reveal a beautiful glass bottle with a story…

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The design focusses on contrasts. Starting at the bottom, there is a hexagonal base to match the gift box, with each side symbolic of the cornerstones of our brand ethos, outlined below. This base is covered with a piercing, cut-crystal effect, which blends into the smooth, round, edges of the upper half of the bottle – representative of the smooth, organic vodka colliding with the crystal ice cubes in your glass. 

Front and centre you have our PURE logo, re-emphasising what this product stands for – purity!

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Of course, our bottles are recyclable and we do our best to source recycled materials for our packaging. We are currently using recycled boxes to ship and eco-conscious, biodegradable loose-fill for protect the precious cargo.

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The bottle is topped with a cork, which, whilst furthering the premium feel of the product, tantalises another one of your senses, as there really is no better sound to open a bottle to. This urging you to grab a glass and pop open a bottle to taste this 100% natural, award-winning, organic vodka for yourself.

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The Six

The design process took inspiration from these 6 cornerstones of our business, personified by in the hexagonal packaging of our products. 


We are fed up of looking at the back of spirit bottles and reading words that we wouldn’t even be able to spell! So we are committed to making a change. All of the ingredients in our gluten free and vegan friendly vodka are 100% natural. Our products are PURE by name and pure by nature.


We are striving to be a sustainable business. We are doing so by ensuring we use recyclable packaging where possible, having as little impact on the environment as possible and raising money and awareness for key environmental projects, starting with our Save The Bees campaign. We are aiming to become a carbon neutral company. We give our customers a simple way to ensure that not only our drinks, but our consciences, are PURE.


This one speaks for itself. Here at Pure, we are passionate about design and this is clear in the beautiful design of both our bottle and outer packaging. We know how important it is to capture the eye, before capturing your taste buds.


Our journey from field to bottle begins with the wheat harvested by organic family farmers, who take pride in their fertile, healthy soil; free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. This organic process protects the product that you drink from contaminating substances, as well as protecting the animals and environment around the fields from which it is produced.


Only the highest quality, raw ingredients go into PURE products, and this is evident in its smooth, tantalising taste.


The minimalist appeal of our clean-cut monochrome packaging reflects the purity of our vodka. Absolutely no unnecessary preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings are added to our product.

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Disclaimer: Inverted colour scheme used for effect throughout imagery on this article.

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