So, what’s the big deal about organic?

You don’t have to be a dedicated eco-warrior to notice that organic is the buzzword of the moment. Organic products are not just sold on stalls at farmers markets and found in health food shops anymore, they are at the front of supermarket shelves and everyone from politicians to TV presenters is telling us to buy organic and shop responsibly. You might be wondering how this really affects you, and what difference your individual choices make, and we’d forgive you for rolling your eyes at us by now…

But please bear with us here, because we feel this really IS a big deal. In fact, we’re going to stick our neck out on this one… and say we think that organic is the only logical choice for all of us. And we’ll explain why this matters for PURE vodka.

Organic 1

Taste the Difference:

We know that good food starts with the best ingredients, but the path to a great spirit also begins in the field. You need fertile soil, rich in nutrients and a flourishing micro ecosystem to produce the highest quality raw materials and smoothest end product. 

  • Organic certified drinks are of superior quality and higher nutritional value* and at PURE we pride ourselves on demanding the best…
  • Organic crops are up to 60% higher in key antioxidants than conventionally grown ones, which many studies have linked to better tasting food.

Make a Difference:

We don’t just aim to produce a cleaner drink we want to contribute to a cleaner world, and how we farm is a big part of that. Here are just a few of the reasons we chose to go organic…

  • If all UK farming went organic and we stopped relying on artificial fertilisers, we’d potentially save 1.3m tonnes of carbon every year – the equivalent of taking approximately 1 million cars off the road.
  • It is estimated that there is around 50% more plant, insect and bird life on the average organic farm, with 30% more species living there.
  • Certified organic means products do not have any prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Meaning by eating and drinking organic, you are minimizing your risk for exposure to environmental toxins and serious health issues found in non-organic meat and produce.
  • Pesticides used on non-organic farms are damaging to bees and other pollinators. Pollinators contribute to the growth of crops and plants, so without them, growth is inhibited and more fertilisers are required to grow crops. Organic farming helps to protect bees and other pollinators. Check out our Save The Bees campaign to find out how you can support the bees.


Know the Difference:


With an organic product, legislation requires that you can trace your drink back to its literal roots. We know the origins of PURE vodka, so that we can guarantee the quality of every sip. In every sense, you drink responsibly when you drink PURE.

PURE has been organic from the outset.

Our organic certification tells you that we are regularly inspected and checked to ensure:

  • We never use artificial herbicides or fertilisers.
  • We use pesticides minimally and under strict guidance. Organic farmers are allowed to use only 8 pesticides, all derived from natural ingredients, and only in very restricted circumstances.
  • We encourage wildlife and protect the natural resources on our land. There is generally 50% more wildlife on organic farms.


*Market Research Future: Analysis of the Organic Drinks Market 2019

Drink sustainably. Drink organically. Drink to Save The Bees. Drink PURE.