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Here at WM Spirits, we do things differently.

We’re not your run-of-the-mill producers claiming our products are better than identical counterparts, here at WM Spirits, things genuinely ARE different. We’ve written short informative articles about some key subjects that highlight just some of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition. Check them out below…


Our products are certified organic, which means we use the highest quality raw materials and do not spray up to 350 pesticides and fertilisers on the fields we grow our wheat on, like our non-organic competitors. Keeping your spirits PURE. 

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glyphosate free

Glyphosate is one of the chemicals sprayed on fields (and back gardens) all over the world. It is also a carcinogen (causes cancer). Here we shed some light on one of the worlds most shocking secrets. Stay PURE, drink organic.

no additives or

The spirits industry has very relaxed rules on what can go in to spirits, so many poor-quality spirits try to mask their flavour with the use of additives, particularly glycerol. We are PURE spirits, meaning we are entirely glycerol-free. Here we talk about some of the things most spirit producers are putting in their products. 

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We touch on this in our organic article, but here we go in to full detail on the extent of the damage caused by pesticide overuse throughout the agriculture industry, highlighting how by you drinking PURE, you can reduce CO2 emissions, help Save The Bees, and much more…

intensive farming?

Intensive farming is common practice nowadays and plays a vital role in feeding the ever growing population… but at what cost? Here we discuss some of the damage being caused, such as eutrophication and show you how by drinking PURE, you can help protect the environment and make the world a better place.

The WM Way 9
The WM Way 9

non-gm crops

Genetically modified crops are everywhere. And they help to ensure that the worlds ever-growing population is fed. However, one firm owns 87% of the worlds GM crops, and that company is; Monsanto – the company currently with tens of thousands of lawsuits against it for Glyphosate related issues and the company behind the infamous ‘Agent Orange’. Here, we discuss the subject in more detail. By drinking PURE you know you’re drinking non-GM produce, don’t take the risk.

support the cause

Help make the world a better place, one drink at a time. Drink PURE.