sustainability Policy

PURE is committed to running an ethically conscious, environmentally friendly and human-centered business.

As a business, we are concerned by the threats posed by Climate Change and believe we have a responsibility to be sustainable, which was one of the main drivers to us creating organic products (significantly less emissions). 

There are many challenges we face to reach our goals, and it is a battle for any small company to be truly sustainable, and this is something we have had to accept will not happen overnight, but we pledge to continue to have sustainability as a key consideration with everything we do and to continue to work towards reducing our carbon footprint.

We are aiming to become a carbon neutral company, {but are currently too scared to commit to a date on this}.

Here are some of the actions we are taking to becoming a sustainable, carbon neutral company in the long term:

  • Organic products (lower emissions)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Biodegradable loose-fill to insulate our packaging
  • Our postage boxes are purchased from a ‘excess/waste packaging’ company who trade in excess boxes that will be otherwise be wastage, saving these brand new, unused, boxes from the bin
  • All international postage is carbon offset
  • Earth Positive apparel (organic, carbon trust member, fair wear)
  • Awareness campaigns for key environmental projects, starting with, Save The Bees, in partnership with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

If you have any suggestions of ways in which we could be more sustainable, or ideas for future campaigns of ours, please Contact Us

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