PURE Lite - Organic - Coming Soon

C O M I N G_____S O O N.
A lighter, lower calorie, spirit. Half the strength, half the guilt, twice the enjoyment.
Made in Britain with 100% natural ingredients. We don’t compromise our product with additives, preservatives, added sugar or artificial flavourings. Vegan friendly and gluten free – and it makes an incredible martini…

C O M I N G_____S O O N.

PURE Lite is PURE Organic Vodka, cut to half the strength.
A lighter, lower calorie, spirit. Half the strength, half the guilt, twice the enjoyment – and it makes an incredible martini…

In recent years, vodka and the spirits industry has been compromised. It’s become a complicated, flavoured, coloured, thickened product, often intoxicated with chemicals from field to bottle. We are strong adversaries of this and avid believers that all spirits should be clean, pure products, mastered by their craftsmen.

PURE Lite is a light (obviously), refreshing spirit, both smooth and slightly sweet on the palate. PURE is built on the foundation of high-quality raw ingredients and owes its unique taste to the finest organic wheat it is derived from. The journey from field to bottle begins as our wheat is harvested by organic family farmers, who take pride in their fertile, healthy soil, free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. This protects the product that you drink from contaminating substances, as well as protecting the animals and environment around the fields from which it is produced.

The organic wheat is then distilled, removing any remaining impurities (including gluten) and leaving a refreshingly light, clean spirit. Then, with the aid of our master distiller, PURE has its safely guarded, final touches added. This results in a blend of citrus and floral undertones. A light, refreshingly smooth, spirit.

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions39 × 15 × 15 cm


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