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The home of our Spotify playlist -  first episode; PURE SOUL;

Here we present our favourite soul soundtracks. The best place to listen to these acts live? Soultown Festival, Beckenham, where we were the headline VIP sponsors in 2019. Get tickets for next year at:


Second episode; Hip-Hop Samples.

With hip-hop being a massive part of modern popular culture, we took a look back to it's roots. Here we host the original tracks that some of the greats of the hip-hop industry sampled for their own songs, many of which went on to be global hits. Featuring tracks from; Kool and the Gang, Bill Withers, Biggie Smalls, TuPac Shakur, Mase, Stevie Wonder, Ice Cube, Otis Redding, Chaka Khan, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Labi Siffre and Eminem!

First track is the original, second track is the hip-hop remixed sample!



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