About Us

We are independently owned and directed, and committed to running an ethically conscious, human-centred business, with values that we all hold dear. We are concerned by the threat of Global Warming and are strong believers that every company has a responsibility to be sustainable, which is why all our packaging is 100% recyclable and we avoid single-use plastic where possible. Our intention is to support and nurture the food and drink industry through innovation and pushing new ideas and eventually breaking the firm grip the major players have on the drinks industry, starting with vodka. Below is a little insight in to how we got to where we are today...

The year is 2016, Andy Murray has just won Wimbledon, her majesty the Queen has just turned 90, Leicester have just won the premier league, and we were looking at the back of our drinks bottle and reading a long list of ingredients we couldn't spell alongside unnatural flavourings, artificial preservatives and who knows what else. This all felt a little alienating and something we thought was surely unnecessary (nor can it help the hangover!). In that moment, we thought, why can't we do something about it? And from then onwards we've not looked back.

Consequently, alongside existing full-time jobs, work began to bring something different to the market. The goal was always clear: To create drinks that taste great, are clean, and a brand that people trust. Now, after years of comprehensive recipe development we have our first, flagship product...

PURE Vodka. Nothing More.

A vodka, brilliantly taken back to it's purest form. It's a simple, ultra-premium, organic vodka. It is not made with any ingredients we cannot spell, but instead, 100% natural ingredients and, of course, made with no artificial flavourings, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives and no carbs. PURE Vodka is small batch distilled, by hand, in the UK, using techniques to distill to the equivalent of ~100 times the purification of traditional pot still distillation (for comparison, Ciroc and Grey Goose vodka are just 5 times distilled). This enabled us to develop a flavour far superior to our mass produced competitors. This truly is vodka in it's purest form. Plus, it's vegan friendly and gluten free.

Head over to the store for much more information on the product and try it for yourself.



Founders Note

As a new company, we greatly appreciate your continued support. I want to issue a personal thank you, to all of you, for the warm reception you've given us. We were overwhelmed by the posts, comments, recommendations and feedback we received from you. Your support has been fantastic and we're delighted you're enjoying our creation. We look forward to bringing more products to you in the near future... Thank you.