Premium Vodka

A Booming Industry?

Over recent years the big trend in alcohol has been gin. Annual sales have almost doubled over the past five years and in 2018 topped £2bn. The number of distilleries has more than doubled to more than 300, as artisan gin makers have sprung up all over the UK and pubs have even started offering gin menus. However, the market may have reached saturation point with gin.

In December The Spirits Business reported that the Vodka category is experiencing a revival” as producers take inspiration and tap into the trend for authenticity and innovation. We like to think we are always ahead of the curve.

“As brands begin to re-build the spirit’s relationship with consumers – and bartenders – in 2019 it has become clear they are taking a fresh approach to flavour. No more sugary, confected iterations – flavour, now, stems from more natural sources.” The Spirits Business, Dec 2019.

The growth in sales worldwide is slow with a marginal increase expected from 321.3m cases in 2019, to 321.7m cases in 2020. However, sales have been rising by value year on year, which indicates consumers are choosing more premium brands, and are pickier with their product choice. In 2018, worldwide vodka sales climbed to US$17.7bn and were forecasted to grow to US$19.6bn by the end of 2019.

Premium vodka brands will benefit from an audience with a more educated palate and refined tastes, but also a consumer seeking an authentic product with green credentials.

 “We’re increasingly seeing that consumers are looking for drinks with authenticity.” says Ed Titheridge, UK head of commercial at Roust, owner of Żubrówka.

But we don’t really care about the statistics. 

What we care about is a PURE taste, clean spirits, made organically, here in the U.K.

PURE Spirits. Nothing More.

Drink innovatively. Drink PURE.