Conscious drinking

The rise of dry-January and low alcohol alternatives

Happy to wave goodbye to the barren, booze free wasteland of Dry January, and say hello to February with an F for fun? (a month with a day dedicated to love is definitely time to indulge in a cocktail again)… well you’re not alone.

Whilst we’re all in favour of adopting a more mindful attitude to drinking, it seems there is a noticeable softening of the virtuously sober crowd as we head into a new decade. In November 2019, The Times’ Kate Spicer welcomed “The new era of the Conscious Drinker”. And reported the hint of a backlash to the sober curious who have been loudly preaching the virtues of abstinence on social media for the past few years.

What we’re observing is that the modern drinker is measured and moderate in their drinking. They are watching their waistline, and are concerned about the environment but they’re proving that you don’t need to sacrifice pleasure in the search for purity. They choose their spirits with care, asking for the origin of the ingredients, searching for premium quality, improved taste and lower sugar levels. The low alcohol market is experiencing a huge growth in popularity.

The smart set are not saying no to a drink they’re just raising their standards.

As Bertie de Rougement of Cellar Society, said in The Times: 

“It’s true people are not drinking as much… but when they do they are more demanding”

And at WM Spirits we’re all in favour of that approach. So why not balance your plant-based diet, morning yoga, and newfound mindfulness with a delicious, organic, clean spirit like PURE vodka mixed with a sparkling soda water or freshly squeezed juice. If you’re going to have a drink, you might as well make it count towards your 5-a-day.

And… NEWSFLASH for our readers. 

We’re about to release a 20% strength version of our, flagship brand, PURE Organic Vodka. PURE Lite. Guilt free indulgence, with half the calories and just as much of the fun!

Conscious Drinking 1

At WM Spirits we feel that the smart way to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable is to let yourself indulge from time to time.

Pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, source your drinks with care, throw a sprig of fresh herbs or a sprinkle of spice in your cocktail glass. Here’s to everything in moderation and occasionally in excess.

Drink PURE. Feel PURE. And feel the love this February 14th.

Demand more. Drink PURE.