Frequently asked questions


Shipping to the U.K. only as standard. All U.K. shipping is sent signed for delivery via Royal Mail. 

For international shipping, please contact us before you order.

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For hygiene purposes, once dispatched, no refunds of any spirits are accepted.

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What payment methods do you accept?

All standard payment methods are accepted, including American Express. The full payment methods are listed at checkout.

What's PURE made from?

PURE is made from organic wheat, distilled to maximum purity.

If made from wheat, how is PURE gluten-free?

Our distillation process removes the gluten from within the wheat. The distillation brings PURE below the 20ppm (parts per million) to meet the gluten free requirements.

Where is PURE made?

PURE is made in the U.K. using British organic wheat. 

Why do you care so much about organic?

Put simply, we believe that going organic can make the world a better place. The benefits are clear to see and outlined in further detail on our organic page.

Not everything you do has to be organic, but where there is a clear, convenient organic alternative, we would always recommend switching to it, and PURE products are just that.

Why make PURE so clean?

Because not only does it provide the best, smoothest taste, but it Kees your diet more balanced and avoids the unnecessary toxins that are so common in the drinks industry nowadays.

What next?

Have a question that remains unanswered? Contact us.

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