White Russian 1

White Russian

One of the best-known cocktails of the modern era, the white Russian, hasn’t always been a superstar. The delicious adult milkshake rose to fame after featuring 9 times in a two-hour movie, the cult-classic, The Big Lebowski. {For more movie cocktails, check out our article; Vodka On Screen.}

It can be as simple as pouring equal measures of pure organic vodka, coffee liqueur and cream over ice, but it looks best when you shake the first two ingredients, add plenty of ice to the glass and then drizzle the cream on top.


  • 60ml PURE Organic Vodka
  • 25ml Coffee Liqueur
  • 25ml Cream
  • Ice


  • Tumbler Glass
  • Boston Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Mixing Stick


  1. Fill Boston shaker with ice
  2. Add PURE Organic Vodka and coffee liqueur to Boston shaker
  3. Fill tumbler with ice
  4. Strain and pour vodka mixture over ice
  5. Drizzle cream over ice
  6. Mix in with mixing stick

Want to make this cocktail at home?

We’ve created a convenient PDF print-out with all the necessary information, for you to follow as you make.

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