Chocolate Orange Cocktail 1

Chocolate Orange Cocktail

Everyone loves a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, especially at Christmas, so we created this super-simple cocktail as our tribute. It will never, not go down well! 

Part of our sub-series of Christmas Special cocktails!


  • 50 ml PURE Organic Vodka
  • 50 ml Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 50 ml Orange Juice
  • Garnished with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Ice


  • Tumbler Glass
  • Mixing Stick


  1. Add ice to tumbler
  2. Add all ingredients
  3. Stir thoroughly
  4. Garnish with wedges of Terry’s Chocolate Orange
For an extra chocolatey taste, you can crush slices of your chocolate orange and shake all ingredients with these in your Boston Shaker. 

Want to make this cocktail at home?

We’ve created a convenient PDF print-out with all the necessary information, for you to follow as you make.

Now you have the recipe, purchase PURE products to be able to make this cocktail at home.