Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails Lighten Up, Summer Days Are Here… Summers in full Swing, Lockdown is relaxing, and the great minds behind our product development have just launched a LITE range of our PURE Organic Vodka cut to 20% ABV, so we can all take advantage of longer days and lighter evenings and enjoy a socially distanced …

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VODKA: A Bitesize History 1

VODKA: A Bitesize History

VODKA: A Bitesize History Just in case you ever get entered into a pub quiz with a round on our favourite spirit… don’t panic, we’ve got you covered… VODKA… Everything you never knew you needed to know What’s in a name? The name vodka is a diminutive form of the Slavic word voda (water), interpreted …

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Vodka on Screen 5

Vodka on Screen

Vodka on Screen In case you needed further proof that vodka is THE drink to have in your hand, here are some of vodka’s most iconic on-screen cameos, in the hands of some cinematic legends. And what better place to start… A series of Bond actors drinking a Martini, shaken, not stirred. JAMES BOND Vodka …

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Keeping Spirits Up 13

Keeping Spirits Up

Keeping Spirits Up A reason to be cheerful… It may feel like Groundhog Day for many of us in isolation, but friends, it’s World Cocktail Day. And that has to be cause for celebration (pause to raise a glass). This year, it’s also 100 years since the start of Prohibition – an era that can …

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit 17

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entreprenuerial spirit The Entrepreneurial Spirit is booming in the UK, with the alcohol trade benefiting from an influx of innovative disruptors to the traditional model. From craft beers to small batch distilleries, canned wine, and no-to-low alcohol ranges, it is the independents who seem to be driving trends towards bolder flavours and brave ideas …

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